Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice Celebrations: The wisdom of nature is all around us if only we stop long enough to see it.

I was just at the Summer Solstice celebrations with drums rhythmically beating and people dancing around a huge bonfire:

The wisdom of nature is all around us if only we stop long enough to see it.

“The light of the fire symbolizes the light and heat of summer.” Lisa Goodwin.

The light of the fire is the energy of the: sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies – the energy of the universe. As the wood burns it releases the heat and light it spent a lifetime collecting and manifest into its physical being. 

The sun shines the plants grow we eat the plants and we grow.
We are the energy of the universe.
We are the energy of nature.
We are the people of the light, the people of the sun the moon planets and stars, the people of the light energy of nature, we are the life of the womb of mother earth.We are the energy of the air we breath, the water we drink, and the light energy of all the plants we eat. We are the energy/ the light we assimilate everyday. We are physical expressions of the light and all the other frequencies of energy that compose us.
All of our senses are energy senses, we sense with our whole being the energy around us.  

The people of all ages dancing together symbolize the connected energy of life and the free giving and receiving of energy in nature.
Togetherness symbolizes the importance of the whole cycle of life, extended family, community, and the fundamental human connection to nature.

The dancers radiate their shining human energy/light and heat energy in movement, laughter, yelps and smiles.

The beating of the drums to the rhythms of nature is universal energy converted into sound energy.

The energy of the dance represents the energy of movement that comes from the sun, moon, planets, stars and galaxies – the energy of the universe is radiating out of everyone.

We need to once again come together as humanity and life in small connected communities spread out on the land and yet united as one life force of nature.

We need to slow down to the rhythms of nature.

Only taking what we need, giving back and nurturing nature.

Once again we must begin living integrated lives with all living and natural systems.

We forget the importance of the summer solstice dance to our ancestors who lived off the land. It is time for us to remember who and what we are and where we come from and where we are going.

We are the energy of the universe, we are the energy of nature and we must once again learn to live in love, balance and harmony with one another nature and the universe.

We only exist because of the fires in the sky and the fires of life on the land and the fire within us.

We are the land the air the water and the energy of nature and the universe.

Even as we dance do we remember the wisdom of the ancients, the people of the land?
Do we see the cycles of the seasons the cycles of life the cycles of the energy all around us?
Our natural world is dying because we cannot see by the light of our hearts anymore.
It is time to awaken the love energy within, rekindle the love of others and the love of nature around us.
The time is now to return to the ancient ways to ensure there is a future for all life on this planet.
The urgency for change cannot be over stated.

Let the shining light of the summer of life shine brightly once more.
Let the shining light of summer shine within you for all others to see.

Let us nurture and protect nature for ourselves and our children.
Help me to help you to Help Save Our World for our children.

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