Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My World changing Tip for the Day: Develop an Honest, Truthful Observers Perspective!

While the gurus of today are saying live in the now, meditate and become more conscious of the moment and discover and develop your innermost potential…, the world continues to turn and others are making horrendous decisions for us. While I do agree nothing happens if it does not happen in the moment, in the now; however without truthful perspective we cannot make the best choices in the now to create the future we wish for our children. 

Imagine standing totally detached like an observer in the sky, with the vision to see it all with an all knowing clarity, a clear perspective. 
Developing a comprehensive truthful perspective is an expanding skill. Some of the perspectives we need:
• A very clear perspective of nature’s truth from the past.
• To be very clear about what is going on in the present and
• To have a very clear vision of the future we wish for ourselves and our children…
• A very clear perspective of what is happening to nature – past, present and future.
• A very clear perspective of what is happening to humanity – past, present and future.
• The people’s historical perspective.
• The planetary and life’s development perspective.
• A truthful universal perspective.
• To have perspective of the pain and suffering we subject all forms of life to.
The list goes on and on as one’s knowledge and wisdom expands.
We have no idea and compassion for what is happening because we have no clarity on what is going on because of our lack of a truthful perspective. A responsible perspective. If we could see clearly we would develop the sensitivity to have a humane perspective feeling what it is to be on the receiving end of the war machine. Or suffering at the hands of the compassion-less corporate institutionalized system we perpetuate with our energy.

A truthful perspective is not easily come by. Not everything that is written in back and white is truthful and will help you gain this perspective. This honest perspective is not in belief systems. It is not in any one place I can send you to look; without the baggage of bias and lies and deceit. It is very rare in this manipulative world of lies.

Although there are some gems like The People’s History of America written by Howard Zinn. But the rest you have to search for without falling into the webs of lies and deception of belief systems.
I can only show you what I have learned on my Personal Quest for the Truth; Which I teach in my Guided Quest for the Truth course.
Become an observer of life while still living your life; with a split consciousness, not a judging consciousness just an observer who is able to choose out of knowing-ness.
With perspective we become the masters of our own minds and destiny!
Passionately pursue honest, truthful Perspective!
Have a great day.

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