Tuesday, April 22, 2014


US war against Russia. Our country is once again inciting and promoting war, this time with Russia.
20 Ways for you to “Help Save Our World” for our children and ensure that we all to live healthy, happy, lives in love, balance and harmony with all life and our planet. 
1.       Don’t let the insidious system - old way of life - kill your children by sending them to kill our brothers and sisters(our fellow travelers of life)
2.       Don’t believe the emotional hype propaganda and lies that are being used to drive us towards war again. When they begin to call on your patriotism you need to smell the dead rat. War does not improve our lives, or make us more safe, it is only going to make the super-rich more rich and powerful at our expense and the expense of Russian people and our own children’s lives and at great expense to us and ultimately the destruction to all of us and our world. Those who make the economic and political decisions are deliberately driving us into poverty so our youth will be forced to find employment in the killing machine; where they will die or become mutilated and scarred physically and emotionally for life from killing other human beings, men, woman and children and destroying those people’s way of life so the super-rich and their corporations can plunder Russian’s homelands. All for the benefit of a few at the expense of ourselves our children and life in that region.
3.       We must focus our energy and lives on our own problems at home and create a sustainable future for all life on this planet. If we are distracted by war we cannot focus on and fix the societal mess we are in.
4.       Our children/youth are our hope of a better future. We need them focused and working towards bring about real change in our world. We do not want them dead. 
5.       Change the way we and our children think and behave and we will change our world.
6.       Don’t subject your children to the indoctrination schooling/education centralized power-base and propaganda systems. 
7.       Empower them with the truth, natural and universal knowledge and wisdom. And teach them how to live life in love, balance and harmony with one another nature and the wave of life. Raise them in movement and play creativity and great diversity and  breadth of knowledge including 
8.       Empower them with universal and natural truth and wisdom. Knowing the truth about: Who they are, what they are, where they come from and where they are going. (Not controlled biased and specialized knowledge that makes them cogs in the machine that is killing our world. Specialization leads to extinction)
9.       Raise them to live full and expansive lives living in Love, Balance and Harmony with the wave of life - one another, all life, nature and the universe.
10.     Begin to establish an intimate connected giving and receiving relationships with one another community and nature - based on unconditional love, respect and appreciation. 
11.     Unite as one people of one world of one nature and one universe. Don’t let anyone or anything divide us. Live as connected human beings. As expressions of nature within nature. As energy beings of a connected energy giving and receiving universe.
12.     Empower yourself, your children, others and nature to live, strong, healthy and happy lives independent of the old divisive system of: fear, divide and rule and divide and conquer, blind belief, competition and hatred.
13.     Teach your children how to live in abundance by growing their food in bio-diverse complex natural ecosystems and to only take what they need constantly putting back so there is more for the future and share with others and nature. Becoming once again one with nature and one another through cooperation. Creating water and food security for us all.
14.     Empower yourself and your community to be independent of the abstract centralized monetary economic system. And learn to live and depend on the natural economic system. (The sun shines and the plants grow we eat the plants and we grow.) Life gets its energy from the sun planets stars and galaxies of the universe. We are the energy of the above.
15.     Invest your money and energy into living systems, plants animals and all life. Perpetuate bio-diverse life; instead of driving it to extinction. 
(Perpetuating a dead objective materialistic system driven by fear and abstract money we are killing our natural world. Converting life into coin, paper, plastic, digits on a screen is the opposite of success it is failure because we are killing the natural world that gave us life and will continue to sustain our lives if we protect and nurture it back to life and abundance. What are we thinking and doing? Are we insane? If we keep on raising our children to kill the living systems that give us life and sustain our lives we are driving ourselves off the cliff of extinction.) 
16.     Embrace this new way of life and create an abundant, happy, healthy, sustainable future for our children.
17.     Keep your heart and mind focused on the truth, togetherness, love, balance and harmony while all those around you are being drawn into fear, emotional insanity, patriotism and violence which is driving them apart and causing them unnecessary harm, pain and suffering.
18.     Support what you want to see in the world and stop supporting what you don’t. If you want to live in a world of abundance, love, balance and harmony, put your energy into what you want to create and support the systems that teach and promote that way of life. If you want to kill and be killed - support war.
19.     The more you focus your energy on creating a sustainable life independent of the dominant control systems the more you empower yourself family and community.
20.     It is time to learn another way of life, adapt and change our focus and redirect our energies to saving our world for our children.
If you care about your world and your children’s future and want to live in a world of abundance, love, balance and harmony with no more war and want to learn Denism the teachings of Denis Moore and the “Help Save Our World” organization.
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To those who support my work I am trying to earn a living and make a difference in the world doing the thing I love most and that is Helping to Save Our World. Getting my life's work out there for others to create an abundant world where we live in love, balance and harmony with one another and all of nature is my life's purpose. I, like most of you, am still living dependent on this abstract economic system and want to empower myself and others to make the cognitive and physical shift to a more natural way of life and to re-empower people with their basic human right to land, food, water, truth, knowledge, wisdom... that we are being denied. Creating small sustainable communities spread out on the land as my family did when I was a child. Which will all eventually link together as mother earth one world one nature one people.

There are ways to change. Violent revolutions ultimately do not change the centralized power based systems - they just change the figure heads. The only way to achieve real and lasting change is to learn a new way of life redirect our energy and to build bridges to the future. Converting money into sustainable natural systems is the non-violent option I choose. Yes it is difficult to accept a transitional compromise but I have chosen that path. If you choose to judge me as a sellout, I appeal to you to reconsider. We can destroy all that we have or we can choose to redirect that energy to manifest our new happy healthy world of abundance for all.

It is very urgent to make this change happen now while we still have the remainder of our fossil fuel energy let to accelerate change. The longer we wait the worse things are going to get and fast. Now is the time to act. If you support my work please do so in any way possible.

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