Saturday, April 5, 2014

CEO's Saleries and Government Officials Corruption.

“Hello Denis.

I thought the article below - "While Wages and Jobs Stagnate, Median Pay in US tops $10 million - was very insightful for anyone that is seeking a broad perspective of the purpose of US society as deliberated designed by its criminal owners.
Let's see - to live and enjoy a physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy life, what do people really need on a daily basis? Is what is really needed much different than a million years ago? 
People need clean air, clean water, healthy food, light in times of darkness, heat in times of cold,, sanitation, health care and the love provided by community and cooperation - a society of mutual aid as described by Kropotkin. 

Do any of the daily activities of these CEOs directly provide any of these things or are their activities carried out primarily to push more welfare (i.e. profit) and thus more power and wealth to the descendants of those who invaded this country and exterminated the native residents and then deliberately designed the system we live under?   

I see nothing but ongoing daily abstract activities to achieve the abstract central designed purpose of the original criminal owners and their descendants.

While wages, jobs stagnate

Hello Fiend,
1)      Just looking at your comments and I know your specific focus is on the problems in the US and the inheritors of the wealth and power handed down to those people since the formation of this country by the “Criminal owners of the US”.  I understand this point of view because you and others around you are experiencing the immediate effects of this.
2)      I also see this directing of focus and attention towards CEO’s salaries and at corrupt politicians.
3)      Although I see these as important, they are mainly distractions from those in real power and ownership of the vast wealth and power of the world.
4)      The people we should be looking at are the ones that do not even feature in stock exchanges, they manufacture the money and they are even above the corporations that make huge profits on the stock exchanges. They make the money and take possession of the world through their ‘business entities – printing money; money; manufacturing; banking; transnational corporations and stock exchanges; media; religions; governments; militaries; …’ They have no allegiance to country or people or nature it is all strictly just about business and world ownership and domination.
5)      Totalitarian rule at all costs without getting noticed or pulled into the fray.
6)      While they keep us focused on the small time players as being corrupt we are not looking at them.
7)      They have become immune to scrutiny by institutionalizing their systems and standing back and just watching it all happen as a matter of course.
8)      Institutionalization of the system with worker bees that cannot see the big picture because of specialization of specific knowledge and skills leads to them never being scrutinized and being called on their treachery.
9)      Of course we are all responsible to some degree – according to how much we support and contribute to the institutionalized systems.
10)   Can we be held responsible for being unaware or ignorant of what is going on?
11)   Should we be held responsible to some degree?
12)   I think the extent to which we are held responsible and accountable to all others and life on this planet is related to our willingness to learn what is going on and making an effort to change it.
13)   Once you know the truth you can never again ignore it and have to begin to change.
14)   That is why I am on a mission to give people the perspective, knowledge and wisdom to know the truth and bring about worldwide change to our planet.
15)   We need to empower our independent communities with our basic human rights to land food water knowledge and whatever else has been taken from us and sold back to us.
16)   We need to institutionalize the knowledge wisdom and systems to create longevity.
17)   We need to turn the system upside down and allow the wealth to fall from their centralized money bags back into life and nature.      

     The war against nature and the people of the land is still going on today. They are being killed off in large numbers to perpetuate the sick system. When do we wake up and stand for them and bring about change in our world. 

Have a great day.
Denis Moore


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