Sunday, July 3, 2016

Do you choose Love and Life or Fear and Death?

With reference to the Sharman’s fable of the Condor and the Eagle:

The Eagle is the male/masculine dominant unsustainable paradigm and economic system which is based on religious based values and beliefs: Blind belief, Fear, Segregation, divide and rule, divide and conquer, consumption, objective materialism, private property ownership, individualism, competition, plundering, taking, linear time…a Death Paradigm – for the exclusive benefit prosperity and survival of a select few at the expense of nature and all others. Ultimately this paradigm is at the expense of all life and the total extinction of all life on this planet. Which we can see happening at an accelerated rate – we have the highest extinction rate since the dinosaurs and we are experiencing more and more extreme imbalances, events, and wars.

The native Peruvian Condor paradigm is a love and life paradigm, the natural indigenous cultural paradigm; the natural way of living based on: The eternal feminine which is based on love, close, relationships, and giving and receiving freely, growing life into abundance for the perpetuation and benefit of all life and nature! This has always been the natural indigenous way necessary for the perpetuation of life on this planet. This way of life is based on:
·         Love – close relationships, connectivity and the giving and receiving of energy,
·         Balance,
·         Living in harmony with one another, all of nature, and life,
·         Appreciation,
·         Respect
·         Kindness
·         Consideration,
·         Sharing,
·         Caring,
·         Compassion,
·         Togetherness,
·         Cooperation,
·         No private property ownership,
·         Feeling,
·         Intuition,
·         Emotions,
·         Knowingness,
·         Mental telepathy,
·         Herbalism
·         Being midwives.
·         Intuitive energy healers…
·         Close relationships with all of nature and others,
·         Avoidance of death and injury…
·         Seeing and knowing the beauty and magic of life…
·         Everything is cyclical,
·         Everything is process.
·         Everything is composed of patterns of vibrating energy in motion,
·         We all live in the vibrational flow of life,
·         Change is inevitable, and cyclical,
·         Everything is based in Cause and effect,
·         What we put out there we will receive,
·         We are all in this together,
·         We are one family of life on this planet,
·         Only taking what we need,
·         constantly giving back,
·         Nurturing life into abundance…
This is by no means an all-inclusive list… there are many other magical qualities of the eternal feminine.

The male dominated world view is the taking consuming selfish individualistic world view that life is composed of things and he has to kill to eat, survive, make money, and profits to live and create a quality of life… to buy the car get the job get the wife the car the house and he considers that to be success, no matter what it cost the earth the planet and all life on it. This selfish short term view will provide short term abundance but ultimate death and destruction.

The feminine love-based way of life is it is about all of us coming together in sustainable eco-villages, on the land, living lives in connected relationships with life, the land, and nature. The feminine motivation being for: life to go on, living in abundance, through cooperating for the perpetuation of life. Only this system has a future.

The tale of the Condor and the eagle is about bringing the masculine and feminine back into balance.

Another fable from the Amazon Basin is that; the women send the men out to acquire for the needs of the tribe themselves and the children’s basic needs. However it is up to the women to tell the men when it is enough, so life can flourish and ensure there is future abundance. Only taking what they need and constantly giving back to ensures an abundant future.

The male dominated destructive world view will be the end of our world unless the real leaders of our world the love/life based feminine tells them to stop. If we do not want to continue to race towards the cliff of extinction at an accelerating rate as we are doing; we need to turn our time energy and attention to living naturally and sustain-ably in sustainable eco-villages across our planet!

To do this we need to gather the teachers of our tribes and teach them the wisdom of the ancients - the wisdom I have acquired and teach to ensure life and our children have an abundant future on this planet.

To do this we need to invest our attention, time, energy and money into ensuring this happens.

Have a magical day!


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