Monday, October 6, 2014

We are integral parts of the web of life.

My World changing tip of the day:
As we can see from the whales example below.
We are integral parts of the web of life.
Life gives life to life.
In our taking society the process of life and living as one with nature is taught incorrectly.
We are raised to believe we are separate from and above nature and nature is for us to plunder.
We have only been taught the food pyramid; competition; and the centralization of wealth to the top of the pyramid.
The perception of our place in the natural system being broken for the benefit of the few. Centralization of wealth and power.
Just walking on the land we as all animals help with the process of creating topsoil.
We pee introducing nitrogen into the soil.
We poop introducing fertilizers into the soil.
We are the seed bearers.
We promote life so we can live and multiply.
We spread the plant and animal life across the planet.
We are of nature. And should live within nature as one with it.
We need to reeducate our children to know their place in the web of life. We need to take them out of schools and give them a real natural education. We need to decentralize and reintegrate ourselves with nature and life if we wish to survive. As a species.
Have a great day.

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