Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello Friend,
Reading your emails about money, unemployment and social injustice I think of the monopolization of basic human rights to land, food, water, education...
Then I think about the private ownership of the Federal Reserve and the private ownership of the mass production of money. Then what would be the motivation for private ownership of the printing/manufacturing of money and banks? An obvious picture becomes clear in my head as I realize!

The monetary system combined with the legal system is designed and developed to:
• Place objective value on 'things' "Not seeing the world as processes of change and motion."
• To enable the money men to monopolize the world.
• To take ownership of it all.
• To have absolute and total control and power over everyone and everything.
• The world is seen as things, resources and commodities to own control and possess.
“Thy shalt not steal.” “Gimme! It’s Mine!”
• And the legal system makes sure that the imbalance of power is maintained.

 The only way to change the system is to get rid of the information that is said to prove that one man has ownership of anything. Like land in deeds offices. The systems that are in place that separate divide and perpetuate the monopolization of land, food, water, etc.

 It is all nothing but a game that we are all playing at our own expense. Everyone knows in a game of monopoly only one man wins. What better situation to be in than to own the bank that prints the money in a monopolistic capitalistic system? Then it is pretty certain who that/those man/men will be who will win the game. He cannot lose if he is the bank the printer of the paper that only has value because everyone plays the game and he has a limitless supply of paper and ink to print more money. He will always have more money than anyone else therefore only he can have it all.
The joke is on the silly people who play the game to their ultimate expense.
It does not take much of a thinker to see the obvious.
Have a great evening.

 Denis Moore

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